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5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps are Better Than Mobile Websites


You cannot deny the fact that mobile users are great in number as compared to desktop users.  Therefore, for a successful establishment of business, more emphasis is required to make mobile channel effective and efficient. Meanwhile, the mobile channel should meet the purpose of the users. Both the mobile website and mobile app pose exceptional feather, though mobile app has overtaken the business industry.

Many gigantic business offer both the mobile app and mobile website to attract the user as more as possible. But, when we talk about small and medium scaled business, then they aim to choose one that will render most effective possible means to engage the traffic. In this blog let’s cover some of the essential measure why mobile apps are better than mobile website:

User Engagement:

With mobile apps the user engagement becomes quite easier because these apps run on specific interface. Here, users have access to icons which means more integration with brand. Further, apps are fully oriented to services, and help users in their specific tasks. Hence, this increase user engagement, whereas mobile site runs on browsers only.

Enhanced security:

Generally, mobile apps promise extended security to make sure that the users interest is protected. In apps you have access over the mobile device management software that enables them to lock the app. Moreover, the mobile websites are more secure, but there is no control access in terms of security.

Efficient communication for better business prospect:

Mobile apps offer a very simple communication that automatically raise the prospect of business. Whenever user search for specific support and information it is available on a single click. Further, push notification is enabled as soon there is any update about the product or service.

Ease of access offline:

This is one of the excellent feather, as user can access mobile apps offline too. Thereafter connecting with the internet you can receive the further updates.

Get on the app stores:

This is a great way to interact with your customers, as you have access to button on their homescreen.


There are numerous benefits of using mobile apps than mobile website, so businesses are shifting towards mobile apps to increase their visibility. You can understand more on why to use mobile app. Some of the other exciting feather of mobile apps are sending notifications is easy, using features of a mobile device like camera, contact list, GPS makes it more usable, and easy branding experience.