Security Challenges in Internet of Things – Mobiloitte

Security Challenges in Internet of Things - Mobiloitte

Approx 26 billion connected device is expected to hit by 2020, hence security will be one of the major concern area. Internet of Things (IoT), is stealing the limelight in the computing technology, its popularity can be witnessed in each and every domains like e-governance, e-Health, e-Home, e-Commerce, and e-Trafficking etc. Read More..


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LAMP is an open source free software. It is used to run dynamic web sites or servers, and the combination is quite popular due to low cost and the omnipresence of its components. It is useful to build low-cost, dependable, scalable, secure, and high performance web applications. At Mobiloitte, using LAMP we aim to cater solution that best suits your business requirement, coupling advanced technology with the trend. Visit Us.