Internet of Things: right platforms and programing language


Slowly but surely, the practice of an IoT based project development has taken a sudden jump. Internet of Things is now being considered by all verticals and micro-verticals as the key enabler to optimizing energy consumption, improving life sciences and allowing for all possible “things” to communicate in real time thus giving us a means to predict, monitor and control behaviour of “things” with a simple hand held device. Read more…..

5 Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development for Your Business

mobile-application-development.jpgNowadays, custom mobile application development is a common term used in the business, refers to the process of developing app software for mobile phones depending upon the nature of the business, services or the product. These custom apps are precisely developed by incorporating different elements that meets the purpose of end users of it. Well, the apps are either pre-installed in phones or are downloaded from Google Play Store by customers. Read More.

Checklist For Choosing Important Best Mobile App Development Platform

mobile app development

The app development company has progressed rapidly, over the past few years and introduction to new application development process and development platforms have hit the market. The ease and simplicity, the apps provide to business or users, have made it more popular. Hence, there is a great demand for custom apps that are exclusively based on advanced technology and current trend. Read more ..