Why Choose MEAN Stack As Your Next Web Development Project?

Mean stands for M(Mongo DB) E (Express) A(Angular JS) N(Node JS). All these framework features has been coupled to make a single language which can be used to built robust web applications. Well, this framework runs only on JavaScript and is best if you are looking to accentuate your web development to a unique level, this is the best open source solution for your all type of projects. Read more

Digital solutions for manufacturing industry – Mobiloitte

Digital solutions for manufacturing industry - Mobiloitte

From mere option, now mobile apps are a core essential part of any industry. Similarly, the adoption of mobile apps has taken over manufacturing industry. Most of the manufacturing units have already started their active involvement in manufacturing. Many manufacturing industries are now, looking for solutions that helps to reduce the cost and increase productivity. Read More..

Security Challenges for the Retail Payments – Mobiloitte

Security Challenges for the Retail Payments - Mobiloitte.jpg

The E-commerce and M-commerce has made payment a crucial aspect to accompany online shopping, making security, one of the major concern in the retail industry. In order to attract more users, establishing a superior customer experience is an essential target to be achieved by merchants. They need to ensure that the final step of payment is just as smooth and secured. Read More..